On the plane ride home, I thought, should I or shouldn’t I?  Should I write about the trip and all the wonderful people who made up the story?  But somehow it seems wrong to write about people who don’t even know the existence of this blog.  On the other hand, I can’t divulge the identity of this blog every time I want to write about a person and ask for permission.  What to do, what to do.

It was hands down the people who made the highlight of this trip.  I thought I was going to be alone for some “quiet” enjoyment in this first trip that I’ve ever taken in my life alone, but as fate had it, I had company almost everyday and it was absolutely wonderful…

When we travel, we throw ourselves to experiences that can’t be planned, and isn’t part of the reason we travel?  For inspiration, for re-orientation, for jump starting on something new, for gaining fresh perspectives from the temporary anonymity?

I arrived at the center square of a village in Provence on a Tuesday.  The vacation apartment turned out to be a stonemason property that looked like a hybrid of an Italian villa and a Parisian apartment.  I like to call this the “cave” because it’s cavernous, as in very large, slightly dark, and cool.  Furnished with nothing but French antiques, this place is 2000+ sq feet of pure gorgeousness.  It even has a secret stone garden for a courtyard.  My jaw just dropped.  I honestly had no idea that this was what I had booked.  It felt like such a massive amount of space and luxury for a tiny person and for such a modest price, that the owners have kindly set.  When I asked them who used to live here, they said, the King’s cousin.  For Pete’s sake, there is even a pebbles-covered wine cellar just steps down from the stone stairs in the bedroom.  And although everything else is antique and elegant, the bathroom and the kitchen rivaled that of any contemporary design that you see only in the design magazines.  And the extreme modern design of the kitchen and bath just showed off more the beauty of the old.  I mean,

Has there been a better time to be alive in the history of human kind than right now?

Provence, June 2009 003

Provence, June 2009 004

Provence, June 2009 007

Now, are you ready for some real drop dead gorgeous pictures of what this place really looked like?