A change has come suddenly.  Things have been developing, brewing, concocting, on the other side, but sometimes we don’t see it, or it has been kept purposely in private.

Sometimes things happen so slowly so that once it has crossed a recognizable threshold it seems sudden whereas in fact it had been insidious.

Once in a life time you meet someone who’s similar to you and speak about what you are, making you realize things that you didn’t even know about yourself.

Changes may come, good or bad.  I don’t like changes.  But we still crave the sensory newness of something challenging.  Highly sensitive, highly intuitive, shy but extrovert, “adrenaline junkie” but also “creature of habits,” all mixed in one?   None of this made sense until this book came along.

Someone has learned about the Highly Sensitive people, and her name is Dr. Elaine Aron.  This is a WONDERFUL book: The Highly Sensitive Person: How to Thrive when the World Overwhelms You, that lets the highly sensitive people be ok with themselves, and once that is done, it is extremely liberating and empowering, such as feeling, hey, “It’s OK to feel overwhelmed after a party and needing to come home and sleep for 8-10 hours even though it was exciting to go there in the first place and see new things, meet new people, and taste new food.”