He drew a bath in a marble tub and he washed my hair.  Outside the traffic is faintly audible off Market Street.  Earlier I stretched out on my side and watching the lights of San Francisco.

In this place it is so quiet.  I turned around to look at him but and he didn’t look at me.  He was looking at my hair and his hands, at the task like it’s a very serious thing, something to concentrate on.  That’s when I fell in love with his looks like the first time I saw him in the hotel lobby.

At the ski house, the three of them cooked and cooked and 2 hours later, they produced a 10 course meal.  When guys are on mission, they are focused on getting it done.

The minute that I think, I like women more than men, I reverse.

The minute that I think I like men more than women, I reverse.

The minute that I think I like adults more then children, I reverse.

The minute my 10 year old music student looks at me in the eye, “Do you trust me!?” I fall in love again.  Then I think, “Ah, I love children more than adults.”

Why is there this need to compare?  To differentiate?

I am in love.  In my life, there are four people named John that I am in love with: 11 years old, 43 years old, 58 years old, and 60 years old.  Outside, the green Palo Alto spring tree branches are budding against my window.

Inside, I remember that night when the three of us we laughed into the nights at the Mammoth house.