The 12 hour eating, walking, buying, gawking, pampering tour of Palo Alto, California


  1. Pizza My Heart – the Big Sur Pizza (then go sit in the public fountain and watch young techie and Stanford students for 20 min of people watching)
  2. T4 – Grab an exotic sweet drink: Elegant Rose Royal Tea, or Avocado Smoothie tea, or even Sea Salt Caramel Mango tea (then go browse furniture in West Elm or Design within Reach the  or buy a mini skirt for yourself or your lover at American Apparel)
  3. WholeFood Market – Get a spa water (water w mint and cucumber), check out the supermarket scene where a 1/4 watermelon costs $25 USD (then take a walk to Steve Jobs’ previous home (2101 Waverly Street, Palo Alto CA, and see the street lines residential area of downtown Palo Alto)
  4. Lyfe Kitchen – Quinoa Bowl + Ginger Mint Chia, feel the Californian vibe and the start up scene, fresh herb gardens, and Larry Ellison’s hotel, the Epiphany across the street (check out the many start up headquarters in the area: Palantine, Houzz, Survey Monkey, MongoDB, go and make a treasury haunt to find all of them, feel the vibe!)
  5. Stanford Dish Bowl – take your car to go for a 1 hour hike or run.
  6. Pluto – The Martian Salad, substitue red onion w edamame, substitute the balsamic dressing w chipotle dressing, add on beets, 1/2 serving of dark turkey meat, add tomato and cucumber – guaranteed to be the best salad of your life.
  7. Yogurtland – try the mochi topping, or Cream – get a baby ice cream sandwich made w a warm chocolate chip cookie and cold ice cream of your flavor of choice, or Scoop Micro creamery – lavender, bourbon vanilla w Carmel, or Olive Oil.  Try something new.  This is California, ice cream is a big deal.
  8. Beam – watch remote presence robot to get one of your own!
  9. Stanford Theater  – watch very old Cary Grant or Alfred Hitchcock movies in an old fashioned organ playing movie theater, cheap thrill.
  10. The Wine Room – drink some Californian wine w friendly Californians.  My favorite Napa wine right now?  Magnificat.
  11. Tacolicious – the carnitas taco is very new-Californian.  The whole tour is about Californian new wave San Francisco vibe, can’t you see.
  12. Happy Feet – take your car to get a very good acupressure massage – look on Yelp for the best therapists.  $60/90 minutes, may be the best massage of your life.
  13. Jin Sho – Finish up w sushi at Steve Job’s favorite restaurant.  Ask the Chef to bring you their choice sushis.  Get the Tuna-mushroom donburi too.
  14. Rosewood Hotel – a 15 minute drive, good night, take a dip in the swimming pool at night.  You can stay at the Epiphany Hotel (in downtown Palo Alto), at the Four Seasons Hotel (just outside of downtown Palo Alto), but the Rosewood has the best spa and gym.