Somewhere in our history and in our own personal histories, sleep has become the bad. For those of us with so many responsibilities during the day, sleep takes us away from the few hours that we have to do things that we enjoy doing. Sleeping deprives us of our nightly joy hours. To need to sleep is a weakness. To sleep is to waste time.

Sleep has even escalated to being a battle ground.

We’ve learned at one time or another, the feeling of dread of going to sleep.

Instead of sweet drunken somber, lying in bed for 8 hours feels like fighting in a war.  You know that feeling and the look of of waking up embattled.  Achy.  Puffy.  Fatty.

Oh my God, a) I feel like I’ve just fought a war, or b) I look like hell – as you face the crooked-eye monster in the mirror.  The monster that you hope isn’t you has the evil eyes of bags, the skin tone of yellow plastic, and the overnight created wrinkles in places that seemed fine before.  Who is this, oh my God. Quick. Lotions, potions, just take this nightmare away!

We’re taking about the night terrors.  Insomnia vs. the grown ups, and almost always, the winner takes both time and confidence away.

In this Valley where I am currently in exile, I met someone who sleeps for 4 hours a day. Julius Caesar got only 4 hours, he says. Well, I think to myself, if he had slept more, he wouldn’t have lost it to Cleopatra. Thomas Edison introduced an unnatural rhythm for us to ignore the light cues. How I wish there was a mandatory time out at 8PM every night, where the entire world in the same time zone has to go to sleep. Can you imagine, how terrific citizens would feel in such a utopia?