I am fantasizing about becoming the younger woman, cooking in a tiny Paris apartment kitchen, making a living by cooking some French cuisine, like this nice young lady called Rachel Khoo has done.

Maybe I’ll have a lover who flies from America to visit me.  He could be much older.

We eat, we sleep, we have sex, the happiest experiences in life, and we take some strolls, then sleep some more.  We don’t talk, we don’t recall, we don’t review, we don’t console, we don’t plan, we don’t go to the museums, we don’t do hobbies. We don’t use phones, we don’t use pagers, we don’t use faxes, we don’t use emails, we don’t use scans, we don’t use the internet, we don’t use the alarm clock, we don’t use PDAs, we don’t use televisions, we don’t use calculators. No gadgets or media of any type.  We don’t read.  We don’t watch movies. We don’t listen to music. We don’t travel. We may go shopping.