Rules of Diplomacy

My wine expert wrote: Oh, to really impress your guests, upon their arrival serve them this, Schramsberg Blanc de Blancs.  It was the wine Richard Nixon toasted Zhou En-Lai in Beijing in their historical meeting in 1972 in Beijing.

I have the head of Super Wine Society at my disposal who’s only one email away.  One email, press ‘send,’ and presto, from the other corner in the world, comes this beautifully packaged, thoughtfully delivered, recommendation for the wines. How did I get so lucky. I feel like I can ask him any wine related questions for any occasions.

Dear So and so,

Help, I’m in trouble again. So confused and nervous. We have x number of guests, and they are of y background, the occasion is z, the menu is A, the setting is B, and the intended effect is C -> what do you recommend? And, I’d like to bake some chocolate chips cookies.

Your friend, faithfully confused as before.
So and So

Then comes the answer. Packed with history, anecdotal experiences, price ranging, pairings, rationale, *encouragement,* in the Guide.

So and So,

Don’t be nervous. Don’t you think your guests are already completely flattered that you’re making noodles from scratch? To start off…

The Silver Fox

I took my mother shopping for a bathing suit.  She looked fresh and AWESOME in a navy blue suit with white collar, and a gray stripe hooded cover-all.

She wore two rings, both of 27 k gold, one on each middle finger of her hands, when she came to visit me in Washington this time.  The gold played off the silver hair that she has, cut chin length, in one flowing length.

My God.  At 67, if all her coteries could look that great.

The Brown Toyota

My friend, one of the guests at the said party above, told us a funny story.  “One time we were at a very fancy event, something like at the Four Seasons.  At the end of the event, we were all waiting for the valet parking to get our cars.  And it was raining cats and dogs, so they had to call out the cars by description.  We were all lined up.  So they went…shouting,




And one by one they went.  Then they called out, BROWN TOYOTA!  My aunt and I looked at each other and we said, is that us?!”  

Washington DC, summer 2012