Medical problems like AIDS, cancer, cystic fibrosis will almost guarantee the person social security disability benefits under the Compassionate Care clause.

Then the majority of other cases involve back pains, neck pains, knee pains, carpel tunnel syndrome, and all kinds of other body pains.  These cases may or may not reach the criteria needed by the Social Security Administration for granting benefits.  The sufferer is in pain.  Often all day long.  Obesity is extremely common.

As a Social Security benefits observer, I offer two small pieces of advice.  Get a reputable attorney to appeal your case.  About 60% of the cases appealed are granted.

But in my honest opinion, most of the applicants, like almost everyone of us – myself included – could use some self up to get ourselves up from the gutter.  When there isn’t money for rent or food, there isn’t money for professional counseling.  But it’s OK.  You can help yourself.  Others who are trying to help themselves can help.  Dr. Low’s Self Help system RECOVERY INTERNATIONAL is great.

The mind and body connection can never be overestimated – when we have better mental health, we have better physical health.  When we have better physical health, we have better mental health.  The path towards recovery takes time.  You need to pull yourself up and give it a shot – with or without social security benefits.   The only other things that I can say is, God bless you.  God bless you!

“It’ll be all right at the end.”

“And what if it isn’t all right at the end?”

“Well, then it’s not the end.”

From the movie Best Exotic Marigold Hotel