Entrepreneurs take long walks. During these long walks they find solutions. Many take long walks, sometimes a few times a day.

Entrepreneurs exercise first thing in the morning – it gets the energy flowing, and builds a biochemical, hormonal, and emotional sense of fearlessness. Stagnation is a terrible infant that has no discipline, but is easy to conquer.

Entrepreneurs solve problems and listen to woes.

They don’t want to sit in an office or climb the ladder. They don’t really need or want approval from someone higher, older, or the more powerful. They create freedom to create a new reality of the world.

They listen to woes. And they appreciate beauty.  All kinds of beauty. Beauty in music. Beauty in forms. Beauty in black dresses with geometric cuts on a woman’s back. Beauty in poetry. Beauty in a sigh.

That’s all, no big deal.

And they know the meaning behind a sigh, ‘un sospiro,’ as Liszt calls it. Whether it’s a sigh let out at the end of the day, when something doesn’t work, or after a round of talking and begging. Entrepreneurs hustle all day long.

But almost every entrepreneur that I know makes an exceedingly disciplined effort to keep a white space open. This space, unlike any other space, is pure, and white. Ideas can flow; during those long walks, things become obvious.

There’s quest for the undiscovered as in things that are not commonly known, as if there’s a secret universe and there’s a key to unlock the secrets. Entrepreneurs climb the Himalayas or eat a fruitarian diet.

So much of what they do involve making decisions where there are no precedents. It can be so difficult. Are entrepreneurs creators? Is each one of these pianists a creator?

Pianist Grace Thomas

Pianist Dora Deliyska

Pianist Ivy Liu

Pianist Marc-Andre Hamelin

Pianist Lang Lang