Over lunch on K Street at a restaurant, on a bright sunny Tuesday afternoon, I was asked a very unusual question by someone that I had met for the second time.

“Well, maybe I should dye my hair, what do you think?”

He tussled his full head of salt and pepper thick hair, running his fingers over his lion’s head, like it was just a mop or something.

I said, between bites of watermelon, “Um…well, I don’t think it’s necessary….”

Two weeks later, I’m in the dressing room watching someone with silver salt and pepper hair change into a bathing suit.  I am picking out funky clothes for her.

I pick out a navy blue sailor halter top bathing suit with white trimmings around the bust and a nice white halter top tie that goes around the neck.  A white fishnet lacy coverall.  A jailbird gray and white stripe hoodie sweat shirt.  A big black sunglasses.  A crochet heart centered Brazilian lounge wear.

She couldn’t believe how amazing she looked.

I couldn’t believe how amazing she looked!

To both of our surprises, these crazy outfits worked!  She lit up the dressing room, and she looked instantly 15 years younger!  The pink hue brought out her silver hair, and the white and gray stripe hoodie went so well with the red little wallet.  Both of us were jumping up and down in the dressing…omg, omg, that’s a good look on you, wow, how pretty…OH EMMM GEEE!

I think for people with gray hair look wonderful in pink, turquoise, white, silver.  Why do people wear black, gray, and brown so much?  Think of the white sandy beaches of the Bahamas and what colors look good on the houses – these are good colors for you if you have gray hair.  Trust me!  You’ll look like a million bucks. Only you can pull it off. You – dignified, gracious, substantive, sexy beast, YOU!

You can look beautiful at any age.  If you live in Washington DC and need fashion advice call me at 1(234) SEXY-UUU.