I aspire to be like Cyndi Lauper when I’m at her age.  Slow spoken, thoughtful, and solidly speaking to the truth without distractions and all kinds of excessive body language or vocabulary.  When she talks about her beliefs she’s refreshingly calm, and it’s still more interesting if you consider that this calmness and stillness come from a woman is a consummate actress (as well as dancer, body movement enchantress, and singer).  But when she talks about politics, she has as much statesmanship as the US Secretary of State, only with more humanness.


She seems to be saying, “I don’t care.”  In everything she wants to do, feels to do, and proceeds to do.

What is there but true colors between friends.  When you’re stabbed in the back all day long: never able to say truly what’s on your mind, buried 10 feet deep in politics, protecting your turf and fending from the crazies, fighting then bloody clawing and climbing out of the casualty scene, not sure whom you can trust –

Sometimes you just need to come home and show your true colors, not being afraid, to let them show.  With your true friends.  Who care and love and protect you.  Who make you laugh.  Who want the best for you.  With whom you could just relax.  Lose and fail and stumble and fall down or just let out a sigh at the end of a long day.

Today, M let out a long sigh, when I called to make plans. Before anyone said anything, there was that long sigh.

Your true colors are shining through, through and through all the shimmer, shades, and imperfections, and mostly love.  Don’t be afraid, I say to them and my friends say in so few words to me.  Sometimes I feel like I could sleep for a thousand years.