My friend invited me to go to a secret lounge.

Tango Night.  Wonderful.  Low lights, romantic, mysterious, chandeliers, disorganized cool.  Low couches, secret corners, staircases.   It’s a very intimate space to get close to someone that you really like.

We were there early…the lesson had just begun.  There were not enough men, too many women.  So I had to dance with the teacher.

Well.  I almost had a heart attack.

The teacher was a 24 year old blond woman from an eastern European country, who held my hands, and clasped my back.  Because she was taller, about 5’6”, and 120 lbs, she was the ‘male’ dancer, and I was the female dancer.

Unfortunately, being 5’2” and 108 lb, I came up to her breast level.  She held me closer and closer, and looked at me smiling all the time.  Because I’m petite, so straight looking, she had absolutely no inhibitions.  She was EXCEPTIONALLY beautiful.  Beautiful green eyes, auburn hair, and wore a lace-trimmed shirt and a flowing skirt, with a pair of dancing shoes.  She exuded innocence and trust.  Her big doleful, girl-next-door eyes looked at me the whole time, smiling.  It would have been really rude not to pay attention to her instructions!

But no, dear readers, unfortunately, the whole time, I had my head almost buried in her chest, and I tried SOOOOOOO hard not to stare at her cleavage, or to bump into her breasts.  The more I tried to slip away, the more she held me in her arms.  It was farce!  I’m a 100% straight woman who is marveled, seduced, and excited by men, especially middle-aged, outwardly boring, stodgy, glasses wearing men with salt and pepper hair.  Still, you know when your nose is about 2 inches away from a beautiful woman’s chest, fair bosom, to be sure, you see what you see, and you feel what you feel, which is astounded and embarrassed.  Because it’s such a rare and unusual experience – whatever I did I felt and impolite and inappropriate.  She kept smiling very innocently at me.  The more she smiled, the more I was not sure what to do, say, or smile?

IT WAS VERY NERVE WRECKING!!!!!!!!!!!!  Finally it was over.

Are you coming back next week? 

I ran away.  It was a fun might night but I might have to murder my friend for bringing me to this beautiful shenanigan.  Using a 15th century Venetian dagger.

Happy new years everyone!

Tattoo by: Tattoo Brighton

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