But homes are better!  A weekend in the fall spent in the New England, with a multigeneration family who live in a big victorian house.  I learned two things.

1.  Have fresh flowers by the guest’s bed. 

2.  Casually ask them some time during the weekend, what’s your favorite meal?  Then produced it!

My friend asked her mother to make fried chicken and biscuits made from scratch for us as breakfast on Sunday morning, just before church.

Spoiled rotten, I’ll tell you!  Our connection, my deep admiration for her, her words of encouragements, and our having gone through some really harrowing times together but have through it to tell it with humor.  On Sunday morning we ate the fried chicken and biscuit breakfast sitting together in the sunny family dining room, and talked about really deep and serious stuff, but it felt light.  I love my friend so much!!!