She’s on business 5000+ miles away from home.  Got sick.  Lost her voice.  Ran some fevers.  Local food doesn’t agree with her.  Local air doesn’t agree with her. 

Stranded in a hotel by herself.  Her husband’s college friend’s wife, a family friend, found out.  (Their husbands were college friends 60 years ago; one has passed away, the other is living with dementia.)  She made some homecooking comfort food, the kind that you’d feed your own family when they are sick.  Fruits and vegetables, bentos of congee and side dishes.  Everything was selected and packed with care, thought, and harmony.     

The traveler finally has something to eat.  She ate everything in the bento containers.   The family friend’s daughter calls from Germany.  The long distance conversation lasted about 30 minutes, but only 3 sentences came out of the traveler because she had lost her voice from laryngitis.