I wrote about Purnima in July, and the whole garden surprise that followed, which resulted in 7 vases of flowers, 50+ tomatoes, bunches of basils and other herbs, etc.  Then in August, I ordered a camping tent so I could spend the night sleeping outside of a monastery to fully enjoy the moon, but instead…I ended up drinking and eating at a French restaurant.  And my brilliant plan of a love connection as a match maker apparently DID NOT work.  But a bunch of other things did work — and beautifully.   

Einstein said, you could live life like nothing is magic.  Or you could live life like everything is magic.  Was Einstein an idealist or an idiot? 

Recently, someone very close to me said, “Don’t you know that people may be taking advantage of you and laughing at you behind your back?  While reaping the benefits, they are secretly thinking you’re an idiot!”  When I heard this I felt like bursting into tears, except I had to hold it back.  More insiduous was the doubt that it lingered for a days.  But after thinking about it I realize that I truly believe the universe is abundant.

Soooo…the next Purnima is coming in a few hours.  This one is the most auspicious of all the purnimas…the FULL HARVEST FULL MOON!