Breezy summer night, Chinatown in DC, 6th and I Synogogue.  The mood was spetacularly fresh.  Jubilant…not a common thing in the 21st century.

Lots of white linens, long skirts, flowing sarongs, colorful fabrics.  Older men in turbans with white beards looking very healthy in polo shirts. 

Somehow, it looked like it smelled good.  And it did.  Lavender, incense, even baby powder.  It’s as if everyone had just woken up from a nap, got showered, and showed up. 

I had never been to a gathering like this.  I wanted to take pictures.  It was so beautiful. 

GuruGanesha, the musician that I went to hear, was not feeling well so he couldn’t play at the concert.  Then the three musicians, or “magicians” (Thomas, Snatnam, and Ramesh) appeared on the stage…and the crowd just started to clap…

Then the first strum…


No words!  I had to close my eyes and then it was easy to go into a meditative state.