The fact is, when you love music, you’ll love the French Quarter.  The music is so loud, and so abundant, that it’ll make you laugh.  Jazz from one bar, rock from another, rap from another.  All blasting off simultaneously.  It’s truly crazy.  It’s truly great.  It’s truly laughable YOU!!!

You hop from one bar after another.  I stopped in front of the jazz club, Maison Bourbon, and watched in.  Someone lifted the railing, and pointed me to an empty seat for me to sit down.  Of course the bouncer immediately came over and said, “Sweetheart, you are welcome to sit here, but there’s a one drink minimum per set.”  

So I ordered a mango slushy.  And the man who pulled the seat for me started chatting about women, the ones that he finds attractive, the ones he doesn’t find attractive.  He’s a retiree who’s in his 70’s, travelling with his brothers to different places to play golf, listen to music, and basically enjoy life.  He pointed to his chest, “It’s ME TIME!”  I said, wow, Sir, it is YOUR TIME!  Other people overheard our conversation and started chiming in.  He reached into his bag, and I thought he was looking for some thing.  Nope.  He took out a string of Mardi Gras beads and put it on me. 

My first Mardi Gras Beads!!!!!!!!! 

Photo credit Ilya Grigorik