One thing would have been good enough.  But The Song, The Drink, The Walk all happening in rapid succession in 72 hours…all reinforced upon each other leaving no room for cynacism…and then, unrelentingly…there was The Dinner. 

I was invited by a language teacher to go to dinner with a group of 60 people from her church.  The restaurant was mayhem.  Caverns of people, parties of people.  The dining rooms were more like dining halls that just went on and on.  Blue, green, purple, and red Mardi Gras custumes and masks plaster the exposed brick walls.  Ice water was our dinner drinks. 

I envy the religious community that incorporates the life cycle, love, family, and work, while maintaining a an engaging interaction with those outside of the religious community.  When I look at their interactions with one another, as colleagues and as brothers and sisters in a church, it brings me back to reality to how people interact at my job.  Life doesn’t have to be this way.  Life can be kinder, more trusting.

We talked about things.  We are alike in many ways, but she has strong points that I lack.  She’s even lived in the obscure city where I was born.  She mentioned the name of the school that means so much to my family’s past.  And, it wasn’t until we were leaving, she spoke to me in my native language in an uncanny accent that sounds like Old Man Candor’s.

An old man’s accent coming from a young blond woman with apple cheeks is truly amusing and unbelivable!!!!

Her diction was near perfect.  Unbelivable!!!

This was the ending to a flawless and magical trip with a little bit of this and a little bit of that…playing with fire, sitting with angels, minding the mind, losing the self in music…what else is there to say.  The sun, the moon, roads turning into rivers.