Hard to believe but 2 weeks weezed by. Can’t believe it’s time to pack up and go to the airport. This has been an unusual vacation. I fell in love with the roosters, i.e., nature’s perfect alarm clock. And, I can see why people are into bird watching too. There is a bird that sings unusual songs every morning. It’s red.

Did not eat shave ice this time. Didn’t go to ride a helicopter, didn’t get a massage, didn’t go to any of the famous places. Didn’t even eat at a restaurant. There was no time.

Finally got the spelling of Kauai. Finally got to experience the joy of a 2 week vacation. Finally got to read in the hammock, listen to the rain, walk the beach. Saw sun rise in its 1000 faces. So happy, almost burst. It’s only in this place that one can be honest.

About what needs to happen now?

Gotta go to kidnap a rooster and bring him home! And the cottage, sigh. I couldn’t have found a better place for this trip. Mahalo, aloha, thank you, thank you, thank you, Cottage, for being a trusted companion through the rain, the storms, the clouds, the sun, the nights. Even your oven came to the rescue!