The Road to Hana in Maui is legendary.

The road to Hanalei in Kaiuai is about 10 times better.

It’s really a nice break to find in the town of Hanalei this public elementary school.  It’s backdrop is the Napoli mountain range.  It’s situated on about 7 acre of land.  The kids are in kindergardten to the 6th grade.  The doors are open.  The classrooms are open.  Kids must take off their shoes before entering into the class room.  The atmosphere is kind of relaxed, a little fun, but definitely serious and subdued.  It’s not play.  But it doesn’t seem to me like a school either. 

Learning expectations for the 2nd grade (I’ve only picked out a few–there are many more items on this list)

Reading–identify and describe characters.  Ask questions for understanding.  Recognize and use patterns (e.g. use context clues to promote vocabulary development).

Writing: Keep a journal with complete sentences and logical sequence.  Revise and edit writing with help.  Write clearly about what was read, imagined or experienced.  Choose a topic, stay on a topic, and use supporting details to expand the topic.

Oral Communication: make oral presentations (e.g., poems, book reports, research, plays, etc.)  Speak or use conversational Hawaiian.

Number and operations: Recognize and record whole numbers 0-100.  Use the properties of addition of whole numbers (associativity, e.g., (2+3)+4=2+(3+4).  Write number sentences for word problems using addition, subtraction, or multiplication.

Measurement: tell time to 5 minute intervals.

Geometry and spatial sense: Describe and compare properties of common plane figures (e.g., square, triangle, etc.), use ordered pairs to locate objects on grid and record their location.

Data analysis, statistics, and probability: collect, represent, and interpret data with bar and picture graphs.  Predict and test prediction by experiment.  Discuss concepts of certainty and fairness in real world situations.


Lordy Lord!  God Almighty!  Heaven have mercy on these 2nd graders!!!!!!!!

On a lighter note…

Today’s menu, Feb 8, 2011

Breakfast: panckae, chicken dog.

Lunch: braised beef. 

Morning 1st bell: 7:45AM.  Tardy Bell 7:50.  Discharge dismissal 2:00PM.