Two weeks ago, a multi hundred million dollar project fell through.  It was a gift from the universe, the biggest present I could have gotten.  At first I had to literally pinch myself to make sure that this wasn’t a dream.  I was just shocked with elation.  Since then, I’ve gotten down on my knees because it’s still a dreamboat.  No one has ever heard of  something like this.  Is it really true???    Things like this make me believe in synchronicity, serendipity, universality.  I feel like this is going to change the course of my life. 


I pray that I take every advantage of this windfall and not fall astray to things that don’t matter.   

For those who matter, we haven’t forgotten about you and we will avenge you.  I will do everything I can to make your case known.  That’s a promise.     

This thing has more to do with luck than effort.  I even looked up on the internet “how to get more luck” because what it inspired.  They say the key to getting lucky is to relax.  So you can notice opportunities, which is only possible when you are relaxed.  But I think the key to getting lucky is also, do the right thing.  That’s the most important.  Think the right thoughts.  What good things last with meaning that were based on a house of cards or a rotten core?  I also think to give is important as is go with the flow.  Be attractive.  Have the “Hands in the Pocket When Showing up–What’s the Problem?” fortitude.  I have a friend who exemplifies the giving aspect.  When my friend tells me how lucky he is (and he’s exceptionally lucky), I think, gee, it’s not that you’re so lucky.  It’s that you’re so giving!  And you have no ego!!

At midnight, the dreaded hour has come.  It bothered me so much.  In the morning my brother called–is there anything I can do?  I was silent.  Hello?  Hello?  I was still silent.  “Oh I guess that’s a no, huh?”   That cracked me up.  Then the next day, my other brother writes, so U gone bungie jumping yet?  With a little picture of a pig.