I’ve never seen this kind of chocolate craze before.  American women looooooooove chocolates.

I think it’s largely psychological and cultural (and a little physiological).  You’re supposed to like chocolates if you’re a woman.  If you are in love, you eat chocolates.  If you’re not in love, you eat chocolates.  If you’re having your period, you eat chocolate.  If you’re not having your period, you eat chocolates.  Basically, life is a huge excuse to eat a box of chocolates.  

But…for me, that feeling has never come.  After 3 days, the box is still full of delicious, sinful, decadent, artisan, handmade, Belgian chocolates, wrapped in tissue paper in a nice box… So pretty to look at!  Yet, uneaten.

Eat one!     

Nah.  Don’t feel like it.          

But, it’s kinda festive and luxurious!  Vested interest of another kind.

But, like he said, Chocolates are for Wussies…try this for a cure?