I have newfound respect for daily bloggers!  After 5 days of blogging, I’ve run out of material, so I’ll just have to embelish a little bit…

The only truthful part about this post: Two pieces of duck breast, seared in a pan, skin side down.  Add in 2 peaches/apricots  in slices.  Reduce in balsamic oil.  Add salt and pepper to taste. 


Make some mash potato (with mashed celery roots).  Dress the mash potato with 2 slices of duck, drizzled with juice from the pan.      

Eat and weep!

Eeeeeeeeeeeee…………………………NOT SO FAST.   NOT SO FAST.   

This is not ahm-burg-ers.  You must eat this with friends. 

So what does a little French dinner party look like?

First, forget about the people.  Get the chandelier.  Everyone, man, woman, child, animal, looks good under a chandelier.  How things look is most important.  Then the food, which is more important than life.   


Le Menu:

  • Champagne as the guests arrive
  •  Caviar and tapenade over crackers, and one macaroon (lavender or pistachio), served as appetizers
  • A nice turtle soup (just kidding.  This is not Babette’s Feast)
  • Then some red wine
  • Duck and fruit, with mashed potato
  • Tossed salad greens with white wine vinaigrette
  • A cheese plate to pass around
  • Some more wine
  • A chocolate passion fruit tart
  • Lemon verbena tea or coffee

Mmmmmm.  One petit, minuscule, teaser sized French slice of that finale dessert per guest, of course…because the pleasure of eating almost always come from the first few bites.

Besides, how do you suppose the French keep light on the feet to get to the next atheletic exercise event after wining and dining, or put on 3 inch heels to take out the garbage looking like the most brainy, erotic, alluring creature? 

                               (Photo credit: Juliett Binoche in ‘Damage”)

And make the chocolate passion fruit tart and the macaroons by hand?  Ne soyez pas ridicule!