It’s Saturday,  what a busy day it is.  Everyone man, woman, and child is out about town getting ready for the Christmas week.  The radio station is playing Christmas songs.

It’s great joy.  But I can imagine that this is not a happy time or even an important time for some.  It must be a stifling.  There is something melancholic about this time of the year.    

I like Betty MacDonald’s books, on their life during the Great Depression.  In Onion in the Stew, Ch 6 We Made it Ourselves, she describes life on Vashon Island. 

There were times during that first long, dreary, wet dark winter when I wondered what I had ever seen in this nasty little island and when I longed to pitch a tent in, say, the lobby of a downtown movie theater.  A stifling hot downtown movie theater…

The fireplace in our living-room is very large.  Its maw will hold, without crowding, eight large logs or three sakcs of bark or ten big cartons squashed or three orange crates whole or sixty-two big magazines rolled up…

That was when we first moved in before realizing that wood, the getting and burning of, was going to dominate our entire existence…


I can really imagine what it was like to have a cup of hot chocolate, or a slice of cinnomon buttered bread taste like after a day of getting wood.  Or to get a hand wrapped present from your sister, who gave you a piece of ribbon.   


Back to DC 2010.  I discovered Hana because my previous gym had cockroaches, so I switched to a new gym.  Hana is only a block away.  If there hadn’t been for the cockroaches, I’d never have found this cute little neighborhood. 


Seaweed is delicious with rice.  Especially this type of seaweed, roasted in sesame oil, and flavored with a little bit of sea salt.  You can eat this with raw toro, avocado and cucumber to make it a no-work sushi roll. 

For me Washington has been, still is, and always will be The City of “One Thing Led to Another.”