Twelve days of cooking till Christmas continues!  Still cooking without shallots, leeks, onions, garlic, green onions!  S.L.O.G.G. ™  free cooking!   

This one needs no explanation…originally read on Corey’s wonderful daily blog:  Tongue in Cheek.

Bake a wheel of camembert cheese in the oven until gooey

Chop 2 apples each into 6 pieces

Roast some nuts like almond slivers and whole walnuts/pecans in a non stick pan; chop coarsely

Add some wine into a non stick pan, put a lot of sugar into it to make a caramel, and then add the apples.

Arrange like it’s theater! 

Make, serve, and eat this one on a great big dining table.  Make it somewhere equally dramatic and theatrical, like this flat in a UNESCO protected building in Prague available for rent

Ah.  But it’s not available in February, 2011.