Aung San Suu Kyi is freed!!  When her dying husband was denied access to see her, they persisted.  Her husband Michael Aris died in 1999.  She hasn’t seen her son in 11 years.  She’s been on house arrest for the last 15 years of 21 years.  Today, she’s freed, and she walks out of her home.  The defiance of this woman against a regime that could have killed her a long time ago demonstrates that the force of evil is present.  But the force of good is present.   How many bullets has she dodged.  She’s done something for all the families, children, elderly, husbands and wives under the self-serving Burmese regime.  On this side as we say good bye, on the other side, we shout with gladness.  You’re here!  At the press conference she pins a flower in her hair.