My shipmates and I were on a small sailboat, and we’re on the ocean.  In the dream, we were just thinking how we’d gone through all kinds of weather on the sea.  The captain was explaining something to us about nautical navigation and about the boat.  And I thought, gee that’s funny, I’ve never been on a sailboat before.  Then I looked at the sail boat, as if I was floating or standing somewhere outside of it, looking at it from its side.  Why didn’t I bring a camera to take some pictures of this handsome sailboat and the trip that we’re going around the world?  Wouldn’t it have been better to take some pictures to remember this trip?

Just as I was thinking, the captain said, “Well, folks, I can’t promise you that we will have smooth sailing.  But I can promise you that we’ll keep the drinks flowing, and the good time rolling.  And we’ll sail on!”  At the moment I thought, yes, we will have to weather the storms, and some  nasty weather, but I was thrilled to hear about the part about “keeping the drinks flowing.”  In the dream I knew that that meant literally red wine and champagne.  But figuratively, it meant something fun, distracting in a good spirited way.  I also felt that whatever was to happen, the captain will know what to do and we’ll all get there.