I slept for 11 hours.  This week had been a roller coaster.

At 5AM, I woke up with my contact lenses still in my eyes, with the lights still turned on in all the rooms.  When did I fall asleep?

Outside it was still dark, and raining.  I got up to turn out the lights and take out my contacts, and went back to sleep because the bedding felt warm, like a small animal had made nest in it.  Some time at around 8AM, I had a dream about getting a haircut.  I had gone in to to get a $70 haircut.  The cut was acceptable, but the woman who cut my hair said it cost $467 when she rang me up at the counter.  I ended up having an argument with her about how that’s not what I had signed up for.  A roomful of people was now listening to our argument.  Everyone was waiting in line to get a hair cut too, and they were sitting around like they were at the DMV.

The owner of the salon showed up and I told him what had happened.  I thought he would be sympathetic because I am his long time customer, but even he was confused.

The lady and I argued from upstairs to downstairs.  We were going to go to court.  A lawyer showed up, and his name was “Stephen.”  He said, I’ve been so engrossed in my own affairs, but your plight is compelling.  I will represent you.  This person, “Stephen,” was a stranger in the dream.

So the next day, “Stephen” showed up and we were all sitting in a large circle in a conference room ready to make our case.  There were clippings from various music pieces.  Two of my friends from real life were there to support me.  When they saw me walking in with my counsel, they were so happy for me because they knew we had a shot.

“Stephen” delved right in and argued for my case, and at one point, I noticed he was wearing a suit,  but underneath the table, I saw a pair of leather sandals on his feet, something like this.

In the midst of argument, he started talking about his own story.  In some instances he was forceful in speaking and in others he was extremely emotional.  And I thought, wow, is this some type of special lawyering litigating technique?  Then I remembered Johnny Cochran.  I felt like my lawyer knew exactly what he was doing.  It was clear by this time we were going to win our case!

As the arguments went on, various music pieces were presented as evidence.  I sat next to and looked out the window, listening to what music was being played, but shrinking — just shrinking — legs crossed, as if none of this was really bothering me because we were going to win.  I felt relaxed and supported.  Right there, it was everything that I wanted and needed.  Magnificent.  Magical.  Almost eery.