Today is the last day at TechCrunch.  Yesterday Mayor Bloomberg paid a surprise visit.   More than 100 startup companies are here to launch and to compete in the Startup Battlefield.

Yesterday I walked by Plantly.  Apparently, I wasn’t the only one who liked Plantely.  Plantly won the audience award, which gave them the wild-card chance to go up to stage to pitch to an audience of 1000+ and 5 investor judges.  The judges had been dissecting everyone apart, nicely.

When it was announced by the team that Plantly is “an investment tool that aims not to suck,” one of the judges started to clap, immediately.  It was a comedic moment because when everyone was still experiencing a delayed reaction, this guy was clapping on the stage, and when he realized that no one else was clapping he clapped even louder.

Another judge had his eyes glued on the projection screen during the entire presentation.  At the end, the words that were used by the judges were compelling, ethos, passion, simple, protection.  The two investors said, we will invest.  “Where are you guys from?”  One of the judges asked.

We’re from Brooklyn and Isarael, said the guys.

Great product.  Great concept.  Great design.  Great team.  In a dark room filled with flickering computer lights people are whispering about how this reminds them of the approximately $170 million dollar exit for a company called Mint that was debuted in one of these battlefields before.

But what I see is a housewife sitting in her kitchen some where in the Midwest, deciding what to do with that $5000.  The laundries are to be done.  She’s got a new casserole recipe that she wants to try tonight for the kids and the man.  She’s not going to be tied her to devices to check on stock prices all day.  She doesn’t need all the gadgets and details of Morningstar or whatever. 

Founders: Shahar Pitaru and Amit Pitaru
Headquarters: Brooklyn, N.Y.
Founded: 2008 (product in beta)