At a friend’s recommendation…

A historical saltbox looking to the small town of Westport, CA

Perched on the cliffs of the Northern California coast

The previous owner was born in the kitchen of this house

The present owner restored the house and raised a family in it

Simple things

Mismatched linens

It’s luxurious in a different way

Hard to describe really

The 2 bedrooms are literally wall-to-wall, there is no shower just a clawfoot tub,and sometimes the power is knocked out

But it’s how the house makes you feel, and how the host makes you feel welcomed

The artist’s touch

First “vacation dinner” table setting — get to work!

After two hours of darkness the electricity came on and we let out a yelp of happiness!  By this time, the table had been set and the dinner prepared.  Corn soup, rice, salad, bread, spinach, chick peas, brownies, ginger tea for dessert, thanks to a very industrious and capable couple.  We have the pioneering spirit!

First view in the morning (the 1st day) 6:30AM out of my bedroom window.  So quiet

First view in the morning (the 2nd day) 6:30AM out of the same window

But two fishermen had already beaten me to the beach.  They were using chopped up frozen octopus as bait

There is no TV or internet connection — but there is a lot to see and to hear

What is this?

So blue, so pretty, so open

I can hear myself think and feel

And to allow something called intuition to be my part of my guiding light

A black sand beach, right below the house

The water is gray when the sky is cloudy, and blue when the sky is sunny

Mornings are the best.  Not a single car on the road this way (Route 1 south bound).

No one on Route 1 north bound either. 

The sky is mine, the ocean is mine, the air is mine, the fog is mine, the entire place is mine, mine, mine, mine, all mine!!!!  (um excuse me, how old are you?)  

Hey, watercolor Westport — are you always this pretty, this foggy, this lush, this modest?