“Are you here for the Academy of Biophysics Conference too?”  The graduate student looking at the BART map is asking, after I asked him how to get to the Muni.

Another person approaches us, and now the three of us are looking at the BART map.   They’re both attending The Academy of Biophysics Conference.  They are both looking at the BART map like it’s a black board at MIT.

How cool is the bicycle cage in the BART station.

We chatted about why it is so impossible to lose weight in the US.  The life style of working at the desk, driving to everywhere, eating food soaked in butter, dairy, sugar, and corn syrup, and numbing of stress and longings with alcohol and food –> obesity, public enemy number 1 in US disease prevention.

“When I go back to Germany, and it’s like mom’s cooking for two weeks, right?  And I still come back with lost weight.  I’m not the only one.  It’s like that with all my friends, you know?”

Could it be because people bike and walk to places?  “Oh yea, in elementary school we had to pass bicycle riding tests.  Reading stop signs, things like that.”

What about how people eat?  “Yea.  In Germany, there’s no differentiation between conventional food vs. organic food.  Everything is organic.  There’s no GMO engineering or pesticide because our government won’t allow it.”

At the airport, I noticed how everyone looks, and how big the muffins are.  Looking at an ordinary newspaper clipping from 50 years ago, everyone looked positively carrot-stick like.  I am no exception.  I can’t seem to shed the 8 lbs that I’ve gained since changing job 4 years ago to a desk job.  Let’s face it, prolonged sitting is dangerous.  Diet and exercise don’t work and only make you feel awful about your lack of will.  But who likes the sensation of hunger, without which, weight loss is not possible.

Still, after three days in Berkeley, I have turned my car around to Yogurt Land everyday.  Sitting in the sun and eating the final cup I feel like this is a good wrap.  Good bye Berkeley!  We will press on to Muir Woods to take a walk.