The weather rallied today — after 6 consecutive days of tumbling toilette paper and bread inventories and rising prices, sending investors scrambling for safety.  Coupled with rising energy prices from conglomerate giants Pepco and Netflix, the outlook is volatile but positive for the next 24 hours.  Sunrise was at 7:05AM, and sunset is expected at 5:42PM.  But past performance does not predict future performance, caveat emptor.  Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke, and Treasury Secretary Tim Gaithner are expected to announce a new plan, to stimulate job economy, with expected full partisan support from both the House and the Senate, called, TARP II, or, the Total Alleviation and Relaxation Program II, where workers are required by federal regulations to take one week off every winter to relax, regroup, and rejuvenate.  This move came after sharp attacks from both sides of the political spectrum in the aftermath of fatigue in the fall out of the original and controversial TARP program.  Provisions of the TARP II would contain requirements for social studies, health and fitness improvement, and fiscal responsibilities, as well as strong language to ban the use of wiretapping, torture, campaign “financing” and racial profiling.  President Obama is said to be working throughout the coming week “to do whatever necessary to get it done.”  Wall Street, as well as Main Street, notes that the timing of the TARP II comes before the Asia’s Chinese Lunar New Year, which starts on February 15, 2010 (the Year of the Tiger), where the majority of the region is set to take a break from business.  President Obama, in his second State of the Union Address: “We need to retch this thing up.  Because this sends a strong message to the American people and the world — we don’t quit.  I don’t quit.  America doesn’t quit.”  Senator Joe Wilson said, “You don’t lie!” referring to the President’s smoking.  Both sides of the Congress are expected to pass this within 18,034 days in an unprecedented show of solidarity.


Well, after hearing that announcement, and under the TARP II, I’ve finally found a good looking picture of the Great Wall.