Two weeks ago it was announced that he was undergoing treatment.  We donated vacation time.  Today, we learn that he’s passed away.  Additionally we learn that he had been living with a diagnosis of an incurable illness for the past decade, and when he knew that the disease was progressing, he enrolled into a Phase 1 clinical trial with the hope of helping others.

I didn’t know him well.  He was a member of our speech club.  One of his speeches had left an impression on me.  I used to see him around the campus, carrying a tote bag.

I am writing this post because the essence and soul of him transcends time, space, and is permanent and indestructible.  Nonetheless, the sudden cutting out of physical presence in this world, in this life time, makes me sad, and after coming home today I felt completely drained, and had to hold on to the towel holder for support.  But as all beings in the universe, of the state of being, we are here, and there, and everywhere, before, present, and in the future.