Gustav Mahler’s music isn’t easy but we should cover him because sooner or later someone is going to mention Mahler.

Before we wiki to find out the facts, let’s pretend we’re sitting in Carnegie Hall, hearing this huge orchestra.  It’s raining outside and the yellow cabs are lined up.  The streets of New York are slick in black and lights.  The march waits for nothing.  Mahler helped transition from the romantic period to the modern period just like that.

The music that people most intensely listen to in concert is weird, modern music.  Dissonate notes, abrasive sounds, and harsh percussion instruments.  We like paradoxes and ironies, and strangeness.  We’re small animals scurrying around over ice crevasses and glass sky terminals.  We dress in black and we hold tiny and shiny objects in our hands.  We’re enthralled when we see skin.  We have developed taste that has become bizarre.

And it’s definitely not because we’re trying to impress anyone, who would be so dumb to believe such a lie.