The other day I was finishing up in the locker room.  A woman in her 30’s sat down on the next bench and lowered her head, arms by the side.  Maybe she’s praying.  You never know, especially in a nice locker room where everything is spa-like and smells good-like-pine, it’s a place for relaxation.  There’s a dry and a wet sauna.  There are showers, lotions, mirrors.  Some people read.  Some people eat a little snack while working on a “DAILY CALORIE COUNT” diary.  Some people chat with their friends.  It’s usually pretty quiet and hushed, very enjoyable.  I don’t know what goes on in the men’s locker room.

So I didn’t think it was too strange what this woman was doing — but it was unusual.  Because she wasn’t do anything, except sitting there with her head looking down at her feet.  I felt extra relaxed.  Packed my towel.  Played with the locker key.  Dried my feet.  Re-tied my shoelaces.  It must have taken a good 5 minutes…

From time to time I peeked at her wondering what she’s doing?  What she is doing just sitting there with her gym clothes on looking down?  On the verge of a nervous break down?  Just having a quiet moment?  Thinking about someone special?  A strange post-workout ritual —

I liked sitting next to her because I felt very relaxed.

Finally I ran out of stuff to do…and got up and left.

I went back to adjust my skirt in the hall way mirror, by coincidence.

With her back to the entrance from far away I see that she’s reaching into the locker above mine.  She hadn’t been doing anything special, she’d just been waiting for me because her locker was above mine!!  Rather over reaching over my head or even saying pardon she sat there and waited until I was gone so I didn’t even have to feel rushed or bad, and that’s how she put the other person at ease.