Greenbelt Housing Incorporated (GHI) is one of the three cooperative housing projects that was part of President FDRoosevelt’s New Deal, and is now on the National Historic Landmark Registry.  A perfect setting for the young and the old.  Acres of lush green trails with all the amenities in a comfortable community for a very attainable price.

What a Good Deal it is if you happen to work for NASA Goddard!

For those not familiar, “Goddard” is the brain of NASA behind space flight missions at Cape Canaveral or Houston.

Imagine living among deer and wildlife, next to a NASA flight center that puts humans in Space.

And you’re 12 miles away from the Nation’s Capital, where the President live, where there is also a Zoo that keeps Pandas and Elephants.

I was there w my aunt and my mom, wearing a yellow tunic and white shorts.  A guy, Salt and Pepper Hair appeared, and he said hello.  “Tomorrow, we will have a parade.  My friends and I are just doing some goofy things.  Maybe you would like to come to see the Parade?”

I was too shy to say anything, and muttered, yeah, ok.  Mr. Salt-and-Pepper Hair I really did enjoy your smile — that was not flattery.   If you and your friends “are just doing some goofy things” again, maybe at another parade, I’d love to see that deep set smile again!