Let’s say you’ve been dragged to a concert and you are starting to doze off.  What’s everyone else doing, you start to look around…hmm…What are they thinking about?  Who are these people?  You wonder.  You start to spy on people while trying to thwart off sleep…

Allow me to offer some cheap tricks to help you survive the night, either at the opera, the ballet, or a concert.

Look at the hands.  Look at the conductor’s hand behind the piano especially after 7:55.

For me the finish at the end is (literally) breathtaking.  Apparently, the couple sitting in the front row feel the same way.  See the man wiping his face?

Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto No. 3, 1stmovement; Freddy Kempf and the Malmo Symphony Orchestra conducted by Pietari Inkinen