Tips you might find helpful:

1) At every circle intersection, make sure you see the sign for your destination.  If you don’t, go back, and redo the circle again.

2) Car rentals at Marseille Provence Airport (MRS) don’t offer GPS equipment–yet.

3) Going to the town of Apt from MRS is no trouble because the roads are well marked.  Take the A7 north–>exit at Cavaillon–>follow the signs into Apt.

4) American credit cards don’t work at automatic gas station pumps.  You will need an attendant to use a credit card machine to process the transaction.  There are no gas attendants on weekends or nights.

5) Driving in the Luberon will take longer than anticipated because of the mountain ranges.  Do not even think about driving at night unless you’ve seen what these roads look like during the daytime.  French drivers are no better or worse than North American drivers on the east coast. 

6) American credit cards are not accepted at automatic toll booths either.  Toll booths are not manned at night.  Have currency in euros (some coins would help) ready.

7) “Eurocopter,” which looks just like an airport, is not the Marseille Provence Airport–they are only a few miles apart.

8) The Marseille-Marignane Provence airport is a smaller airport that is very manageable and rental cars are just within walking distance in the Airport’s lot. 

9) Except where it’s marked no parking, you can park (i.e., the smaller the car the better, like a hybrid Citroen) almost literally anywhere there’s a spot, on the curb, in the alleyway, headlight-to-headlight, on the grass, wherever you can reverse your little Citroen into.  Tres logique!