I.  Poetry that I couldn’t haven’t written any better

And that’s a wrap.  Who would have thought that this is how it would turn out?  Washed my hair, nice and easy, and then finding all the messages on my desktop.  The negotiations ended on a fine note.  Don’t strive, don’t push, don’t scheme, don’t plot, don’t struggle, don’t force, just don’t.  Let the universe do its thing, and let the true you do your thing.    

“This moment is as it should be,”  because the entire universe is as it should be.   Chapter 4, The Law of Least Effort, from The Seven Spirtual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra. 

II. Effortless soup making

Cauliflower pureed soup.  Steam cauliflowers, and cook it in water.  After cooling puree the mixture in a good blender.  Add sea salt.