Walking into the Cafe, lured in by a green sign GELATO.

I spot from my car, a handsome woman in her 20’s.  As I walk in, I catch her starring.  Silver studs, cropped dark brown hair, blue eyes.

Two minutes later, I order a cherry amaretto gelato.  I turn around only to see that now the lesbian’s girlfriend, a blond Swedish looking woman, full of golden curls, sweeter in her face, is looking.  I’m caught eating the gelato while fumbling with the credit card.  The cashier, a young African woman, says, I’ll wait, take your time.

I finish eating my gelato in the car.  I want to wear my diamond earrings again when I get rid of these braces.  When will July come?  Three minutes later, a bunch of old people come out of the cafe.  At the end of the procession is the kind African cashier holding cups of coffee as she bids them off.  She waves, like in a Fellini movie.

With the loyalty backed by eight years of friendship that almost made me cry.  “So the matter is closed,” the note says.   Tonight, snowflakes for a season when the sky above is blue for a day that feels like a dream.

Look, snow in April…