The 2009-2010 Season has arrived!  Everyone (including the oboe teacher, hi!) welcome back!

In the case of the Magic Flute, the costumes, the stage, the facial expressions can be distracting.

See Diana Damrau, in her famous role as the Queen of the Night as a coloratura soprano.  Example 1: With the distractions vs. Example 2: without the distractions.  Example 2 shows the inner working of a musician at a recording session.  Diana wears a ponytail.  I like her facial expressions, her feline eyes, her neck’s arching back, and her hands’  gesturing to grasp the momentum, all of which is sexy and true.  The initial stunned silence and then the laughters at the end is great.  How could a voice sound like bells?  Better than Example 2 still, is listening to the Magic Flute without any video footage.  Ears opened, eyes closed–let’s give that a go.