I love having friends over for dinner.  For under $15 I can feed an army of 5, and have everyone go home well fed.  And I love eating at home almost more than going out to restaurants.  Last night, I made Ikea Swedish meatballs simmered in Muir’s Organic Tomato Sauce, with chopped Thai basil over spaghetti, served with sides of sauteed Chinese broccoli rabe and Gruyere-ham-caramelized onion on phyllo dough.  Dessert was freshly baked chocolate chip cookies made from Trader Joe’s frozen cookie dough — pop ’em in the oven and presto!  We shared a bottle of Chardonnay that was described as oak-y.  Everyone ate a lot!  Either the cooking was good or it was too cold outside.  One of the guests even showed up in a full length fur coat.   Thanks to the Obama Inaugural traffic on 495 and Connecticut, I got home 1 minute before my guests arrived.