Trying to find a book to buy on the ship was nearly impossible.   Cruise ships don’t sell magazines/newspapers/books.  During the 7-day trip and among 4000 people, I saw only onelap top computer and zero electronic mobile device being used.  Finally after four days of searching, I found a small book rack in the “General Store” on the Royal Promenade.  The selection was mainly Harlequin romance and bartending how-tos.  The only book that looked interesting was Nature Girl by Carl Hiaasen.  Completely out of my league in terms of what I would have usually picked out, it was meant to be.  The colorful language, crazy characters, and description of Americana by way of the cultural norm of south Florida was in sync with the rest of the trip, and will remain a memorabilia.  The scary-funny part of this is what the author said about the book:

“Nothing that happens there couldn’t really happen in Florida.  Trust me.”