The gig of acting as ‘Division Director’ continues.  Another short week between this holiday season of Christmas and New Year!  There are some loose odds and ends…but it should be another short and pleasant day, followed by more holidays later this week.  I love staying in town in DC during this time between Christmas and New Year.  The mellow and small town feeling gives way to a perfect opportunity to reflect on the past year and plan for the new.

As I sit here enjoying a slow breakfast of toast with Trader Joe’s pumpkin butter spread and tea, with the winter morning sun streaming through the windows, I re-live the days of eating on the ship…My brother was definitely a champion eater.  As for me, during one breakfast I ate five of these…a crossbred between challah and panettone.  They are wonderfully pillow-y, vanilla tasting, softly sweet and very ‘calm’ tasting.