Not having had the time to research or fuss we decided on the Conrad Hotel.  Or rather, I decided on the Conrad because I really wanted to try its reputed “Pure Rooms,” or hypoallergenic rooms.   Every surface of a Pure Room is treated to minimize contaminants, irritants, and odors.       

So we were mistakenly assigned to regular rooms at first.  It’s OK.  Then the Front Desk remedied the situation and switched us to the Pure Rooms.  The minute we went from a regular room into a Pure Room my family went nuts!!!  The difference was unbelievable.  Everyone was screaming…”OH MY GOSH, I NEVER KNEW AIR COULD SMELL SO GOOD!!!!”  Well, the Pure Room lived up to its reputation!  Seriously.  I had never been in a room that smelled so NOTHINGLY good.  The air was exceptionally clean, and the room was so fresh: not a smudge anywhere on the carpet, curtains, and sofas.  The 500 count crisp, white linens were hypoallergenic too…no four legged friends ever slept on these beds.  This has spoiled me for life.  I am absolutely addicted to PURE ROOMS!  

The Conrad is a standard business hotel in your standard downtown financial district.  It’s not very romantic or creative, but it’s a great place to stay if you want to stay away from the South Beach crowd.  And after having experienced the Pure Room effect, I’m not sure if I need to stay at fancier places.  The Hotel is a little strange in that it’s part of a business building.  The Concierge is on the ground floor.  The Front Desk is on the 25th floor.  The roof top tennis court/pool/sauna is in a separate building.  So in order to go anywhere, you have to travel a bit, leading the whole place to have a feel of being “spliced.”

After a full day of playing tourists in Miami, we came back to the Hotel, exhausted.   I went to the rooftop pool, and had the entire place to myself.  The water was near bathing temperature, which made it perfect for a midnight swim.  Looking at the sky and generally enjoying the breezy temperature of Miami in December, I sat by the edge of the pool with feet in the water and smoked a very good cigar.  Then I went to the jacuzzi and wrapped my hair in a white towel, feeling completely relaxed.   There was no one.  I went for a sunny jog by the water side walk the next morning.  Then, my family ate breakfast on the sunny hotel balcony overlooking the water of the Atlantic Ocean.  We ate waffles/pancakes/crepes and had coffee and fresh orange juice, really, nothing more than a big dessert in disguise.   The shimmering of the water was dazzling.  So happy to be with my family.