Ah, what a great family vacation in December.  Having come back for almost a week, I’m still battered and bruised from head to toe.                 

We started with a little birthday celebration in Miami where everything was relaxed.  Then upon embarking on the large cruise liner on the first day, surrounded by 4000 people wandering aimlessly around I thought I was going to die!  But, silly me, as it turned out, we had a great time!!             

Let’s see, what did we do…ice skating, rock climbing, simulating surfing, running, horseback riding, sea kayaking, kickboxing, para-sailing, not to mention playing beach volleyball, ping pong, soccer, basketball etc.  Not to mention, there was the food, the shipmates and the camaraderie, the water, the sun, the fast boat that zipped through the Gulf of Mexico…  Let me count the ways!  Merry Christmas everyone!!!

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