Another enchanted summer evening, this time, an all Mozart program, with Leon Fleisher and the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra at the Strathmore.  I’ve given the Kennedy Center many many chances, and it has never failed to disappoint me.  Each time, it’s been disappointing in a different way, in a more inconceivable way, in a more gruesome way, reaching record lows and bringing deep shame to our nation: how does one of the most prosperous nations in the world lack a truly world-class concert hall in its capital?  Outrageous ticket prices?  Check!  Torn carpet?  Check!  1970s’ interior design?  Check!  A non-existent taxi line?  Check!  Gummy and slimy steak?  Check!  Check check check check check.

If this is your first concert, the Strathmore would be a more relaxing experience.  The best seat of the house is Promenade Front Left Row A, Seat 1.  You are sitting directly above the orchestra, looking over their shoulders at their music scores.  The conductor’s face is visible to you.  I don’t think those in the Salzburg Court had it better.

A modern concert hall is so, so gorgeous against the setting of this music that sounds perpetually modern.