Warning: Please do not read this if you’re feeling down.  I will have something that’s lighter for the next post.  For those who are in a solid emotional place the following can be read safely.






What do you expect, it’s a Requiem.

Karl Bohm was a very controversial conductor, but assuming that he wasn’t an evil man, do I love watching his methodical control, and his rhythmically robust interpretations.  There’s an Austrian-German conductor for you.

Mozart made his point about death in this masterpiece.  Try to appreciate the interplay between the orchestra and the chorus, and how the piece “seals the deal” at the end.  What happens between 0:36-0:41 is a harbinger.  Then listen to the orchestra and the voice as separate elements between 1:43 till the end.  After 1:57, what happened between 0:34-0:41 happens again, and this last section is the best part of the piece.  The orchestra heads to the point of no return.  The string music tumbles down and slashes the “throat” until the purgatory is complete.

Yes, and, 1:43 and onward says, “This is revenge.  This is how we are going to close.  And, now we are done.”

Bravo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    My god.  Bravo.