A 14 year old wrote to me to say how they got into classical music, and whether I could suggest some selections.  I am so touched that I don’t know what to say.

Actually I do know what I want to say about kids’ listening to classical music.

If your kid doesn’t want to, leave them alone.

If someone is in diapers, they’ve got bigger things to worry about.

If someone’s in utero, well, I guess they don’t have a choice!

I know this sounds harsh but I’m afraid that in many cases, unfulfilled dreams and unexamined egos on the part of the parent, combined with the rigid teaching of an unforgiving teacher, REALLY turn children off to classical music.

Join us as we journey onward.  Please use a headphone for this one if you got it handy.  The computer speaker doesn’t do justice.  Mozart’s sacred music sung by the human voice deserves Blu-ray or the best audio system you’ve got, and hopefully you live in a house and you can really turn up the volume with full base support.

Try not to weep as you listen to this music and think about our children’s sensitivity.