So from now on I will write in any way, far and away, and with the right of way.  Write in a way that only I know how.  But it’s really hard to write without paying attention to grammar.   At times I will write about some really annoying stuff in some really annoying ways because it may mean that I will write some truth–or that I will not go back–to read for edits–not even once.  I wonder if language can come alive in a better way where there are no second guesses?  

Let’s tlak about Ellie of, of San Francisco, USA.  There is no way that I will ever achieve the brilliance of Ellie’s writing either, inspired by her artistic life.  Unlike with J.D. Salinger where it was love at first read, with Ellie, it has been love and exasperation over a couple of years.  It’s not always pretty, but shockingly honest but I can say that I’ve emerged with love, love, love of Ellie’s writing, probably over any writer-blogger.  I just don’t understand how she manages to play with words that always catches you by surprise and makes you sigh, especially when the entry comes to an end.